Greencell Packaging

Packaging Systems Inc. has been a lead in converter for bio-degradable packaging foam. The current success of the Greencell has been for electronic and glass packaging because of its anti-static and cushioning properties respectively.

More recent markets are emerging for the use of the Greencell sheet material as an insulator for overseas shipments of frozen foods and pharmaceuticals.

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PSI has provided production support for roof racks built domestically and shipped to Europe for minivan and SUV builds.

PSI's responsibility in this program was to warehouse and assemble shipping containers for 'just in time' production.


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Replacement Parts Packaging

Replacement parts dunnage is typically constructed from corrugated components or a combination of corrugated and foam.  

PSI has experience in providing replacement parts packaging for bumpers, exterior trim parts, and sunroofs as shown in the illustration.



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Returnable Foam Dunnage

PSI can profile dunnage strips to be used for shipping racks and returnable bins. 

Profiled lengths up to 108 inches can be cut from cross link polyethylene or polypropylene.

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Conventional Packaging

Packaging Systems Inc. has provided foam solutions for a variety of customers such as florist retailers to protect finished arrangements during local shipping.


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Production Foam Parts

Packaging Systems Inc. supplies profiled foam spacers used in the automotive trim shop. 

The profiled spacers do not require the tooling investment needed for molded foam parts.

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